Former Members

Visiting Scientists:
Mathilde-Dumond-small-optmz copyMathilde Dumond 2013-2014 Mathilde is currently a PhD student at ENS de Lyon in France, and in the lab of Areski Boudaoud. Yong ZhouYong Zhou 2014-2015 Yong is currently a Lecturer at Yangzhou University.
Graduate Students:
 Xian Qu small goodXian Qu 2012-2015
Xian is now a post doc in the lab of Keiko Torii at the University of Washington.
Heather-2013-170w-optmz Heather Meyer is now a post doc in the lab of David Ehrhardt at the Carnegie Institution for Science, Department of Plant Biology on the Stanford University campus.
Visiting Scientists:
 Pengtao WangPengtao Wang
Clint-Ko-small-optmzClint Ko Clint is now a graduate student at MIT. Ashley-Smith-170w-optmz copyAshley Smith Ashley continues to pursue her undergraduate degree here at Cornell.
Chelsea-AlvaradoChelsea Alvarado Chelsea is currently attending medical school at the University of Maryland at Baltimore. Prerana-ChattyPrerana Chatty Prerana will be attending Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.
Catherine ChenCatherine-Cren-2013-optmz Madhurima Chowdhury - smallMadhurima Chowdhury Madhurima is currently attending New York Medical College
lk445_optLingzhen Kong Lingzhen continues to pursue her undergraduate degree here at Cornell.
BTI REU Intern:  
Anna MarksAnna Marks Anna will be joining the lab of Mirit Aladjem at the NIH. Zhou WangZhou Wang is currently an undergraduate at Wellesley College.
lk445_optNicholas Often
Administrative Assistants:  
RCS-3-18-14-small-optmzR. Catherine Smith Catherine is now on a once in a lifetime adventure:  MelMelanie Wetzel Melanie is now an Administrative Assistant at the Space Sciences Building at Cornell.
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